Frivolous Friday – Cats in Unusual Places

Wherever I go I look for cats in unusual or interesting places doing unusual things. Recently, I found this formerly feral cat—who’s actually still living feral with help from the chiropractor in this office—lolling on a giant shoe chair.

I’ve photographed cats in trees (love those opportunities), on fences, among flowers, behind bushes, on rooftops, and even on a motorcycle. (Sorry I don’t have access to that photo.)

I have pictures that people send me—my brother sent me a picture of three kittens playing in his horseshoeing caddy years ago, my daughter sent me this one of the kitten snuggling, probably unbeknownst to a pony. You’ve probably enjoyed the photo I use sometimes of the kitten sleeping in a baseball cap and the one of the cat in the out basket on a desk. Cats pose in drawers, boxes, windows (love cats at a window), inside cars, and with other cats. And the cell phone camera sure makes it easier to capture the moments with your cat.


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