Frivolous Friday – Purrfect Cat Photo Backdrops

I caught a neighbor cat posing as I walked past with my camera the other day. I love when that happens. I often take pictures of Joy, an older part Siamese cat and Annie, one of two very different looking teenage kittens. And that’s because these cats play outside for part of the day. There are so many interesting backdrops in the out of doors.

Joy has been posing for me for several years. Annie is another really good subject because she will stop and sit and watch—in other words, pose. Her sister, Mollie, a beautiful Maine coon look-alike is not as accommodating. She’d rather rub against my legs and get petted. Well, I’m not going to turn down a chance to pet an adorable kitten.

Here are some of the cats I’ve met as I venture out for a walk with my camera. I’ll snap a picture of a cat posing just about anywhere, but I really appreciate it when they pose against a nice backdrop or where they have chosen to perch or lounge creates an interesting backdrop.


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