Mindful Monday – National Cat Lovers Month

It seems unnecessary to set aside a time to love and appreciate your cat. Aren’t our cats always, consistently, continuously our first and foremost concern every day of the year? Don’t they get more of what they crave than any other family member—except maybe the dog? Isn’t your cat(s) the first to greet you each morning and the last to tell you good night? Lily puts me to bed every night and makes sure I follow my evening routine, too. She’s always a few steps ahead of me as I close up the house for the night and prepare for bed.

I think that’s one reason why cats make such great companions. They connect with us in a way no other animal (or human) does. And they follow us (or lead us) into places no one else is allowed.

You’ll be busy this month thinking about others, but don’t forget to put your cat at least near the top of the list. She doesn’t know it’s December and that your mind is on giving and celebrations. All she knows is that she loves and depends on you.

While you’re at it, you might consider giving to less fortunate cats. Find out what your local shelters need this season and consider dropping some of it off (cash, toys for the kittens, blankets, etc…). Visit a cat café or a shelter (most cats at the café have come from a shelter). Take pictures and post them on your social media pages. Someone just might be inspired to adopt. Here are two sites offering ideas for celebrating National Cat Lovers’ Month. Maybe you can think of others. Share your comments here.




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