Frivolous Friday – Left Paw-Right Paw

So is your cat a righty or a lefty? Have you been watching which paw he leads with when he plays, bats a ball around, reaches for your hand wanting a petting? Which paw does she use most often to pull something out of a bowl or a box?

I’ve come to the conclusion that Lily is left-pawed. Sophie, however, seems to lead with her right paw most of the time–except for last night. She kept pawing me trying to get me to continue petting her–the girl never gets enough petting–and she repeatedly used her left paw. She’ll also do a high-five-paw and almost always with her left paw.

Can you determine which is your cat’s dominant paw? All you have to do is watch and watch and watch because just about when you think you’ve figured it out, they switch!



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