Wild (And Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Missing Cats: In Photos, That is

Photographing cats is a real test in patience. I’m so glad we’re no longer buying film and paying to have it developed because the cats I photograph—mine and others—would be costing me a fortune. I sometimes believe I get more bad shots than good ones when I’m photographing cats.

There’s the empty frame—space where a cat once posed ever so beautifully until the camera comes out then POOF, they disappear. Most of the bad shots I get of cats simply show a blur of fur or maybe only a tail or a few whiskers in the frame. Either the cat saunters or runs off or she walks toward me, giving me a distorted view of her nostrils.

Today I’m thankful for the many good photos my cats will let me take of them. Thanks for posing, girls and other random cats I happen across.


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