Thoughts for Thursday – Kittens Becoming Cats


Everyone loves a baby anything—horned toad, bird, rabbit, lion, buffalo, crocodile—it doesn’t matter. Babies are adorable. But kittens are the cutest thing going. I think it’s kind of fun to see how a kitten matures. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what a kitten will become—whether she will grow into a lanky adult, have luxurious fur and a cobby body, grow into her feet, develop a fluffy tail, have a pretty face, be fat… While some kittens grow up to look exactly the same as their mini-me self, others change a little or a lot over the first year.

Winfield started out white with blue eyes and a black smudge on his head. He grew into a beautiful pure white cat with one bright green and one sparkling blue eye. Lily never lost her cute kitten face as she aged, but her little pointy tail grew to be long and rather luxurious. A calico I had once—Mandy—


didn’t change her spots as she matured, but her fur grew longer than I expected. And another kitten I knew years ago appeared as if she’d have nice fur, but grew up to have kind of coarse and short fur.

Sometimes you can predict the outcome for a kitten and other times you might be surprised. And this can go for the cat’s disposition and demeanor as well.

I chose Katy, a gorgeous Himalayan, for her relaxed manner. She was four months old when I found her at a pet store and what a friendly little girl she was. However, Katy grew up to be shy. She hid from visitors and was terrified of loud noises. I’ve also had cats who started out to be scaredy cat kittens, but who grew into confident, friendly cats.

I guess it’s a good thing that kittens are so endearing. They worm their way into your heart pretty quickly and when you find out an ugly truth about them, it’s too late. Has that happened to you?

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