Newsday Tuesday – Less Adoptable Pet Week

Have you ever found yourself caring for a less adoptable pet—one with a deformed leg, an eye missing, blindness or deafness, for example? What about a cat with a nasty disposition or a bad habit. I think most of us, who’ve had cats for any length of time, can raise our hand. I’ve certainly had some kitty cat challenges.

Once the local animal shelter director (a friend of mine) called to tell me about an adult Persian who needed a home. I took her in and she immediately peed on my favorite chair. I called my friend and asked if she knew this cat’s background. Was this a fluke or??? Sadly, after reading why the cat was relinquished, she realized this was the reason. I took her back before I could fall in love with her.

Another time, I rescued a trio of adorable kittens which had found their way into our

woodpile. I eventually found homes for two of them and I’d bonded so closely with the third one that I kept him. By the time I realized his destructive quirk, it was too late to shift gears in my heart. I loved this bad boy cat for all of his 17 years. The day he left this earth we replaced all of the carpeting in our house and brought in a few throw rugs where we were unable to have them before.

And then there’s Lily. She couldn’t help it if she was born with kidney disease. And I wasn’t about to let her down in her time of serious need. Without the care of her veterinarians and their guidance in her home care, that sweet being would have died by now.

Look at Grumpy Cat (rest her soul). She wasn’t the prettiest kitty in the litter. And she wasn’t actually grumpy. According to a recent article, she was born to normal cat parents with what is considered dwarfism. And she was a sweet cat. Her brother, however, with a normal expression on his face, was the grumpy one. Here’s a picture of Pokey, Grumpy Cat’s brother:

So this week being Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet week, consider at the very least supporting one of the shelters and homes where handicapped cats and maybe dogs are accepted and loved. Most of these amazing organizations run on donations.

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