Frivolous Friday – The Cat’s Got Talent

What is your cat’s super power? Is he a great jumper or climber? Can she find the best and most unique hiding places? Do her claws grow extra long and thick? Does she have a gorgeous tail, a pretty ruff around her neck, amazing whiskers, or interesting markings?

I saw a picture of a couple of cats the other day with heart-shaped markings. We’ve all seen cats with Hitler or Groucho mustaches. And what about cats that sleep in crazy positions—almost like they’re passed out. That’s a super power I’d like to have—the ability to fall asleep easily.

Lily has pliable ears that sometimes bend backwards when she washes them. Cute. She also has beautiful large eyes. Eye color can be a unique aspect of a cat—like the odd-eye cat or a cat with striking turquoise eyes.

Some cats like to ride on their owner’s shoulders when they take a walk around the neighborhood. Others will walk on a leash or ride in a backpack. Does your cat skateboard? Don’t be so quick to say no. Have you ever offered him the opportunity?

Max (our snowshoe-type cat) used to bat a ball back to me. Yes, we actually played a game similar to ping pong and he was very good at it.

Sophie’s super power is shredding. She could get a job in a corporate office shredding their sensitive materials. Only someone would have to supervise as she doesn’t know the difference between trash, a grocery list, a legal document, or money, for example.

What might be your cat’s claim to fame?


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