The Healing Touch of Cats

tuckerAnyone who has spent much time with cats has experienced or observed some incredible coincidences. Those who say they haven’t, are probably not paying attention. A friend of mine, naturally someone who appreciates cats, told me this story over the weekend.

My friend has been having some serious cardiac problems over the last few months. Last Sunday, she was lying back in her chair experiencing the discomfort of fibrillation and chest pains. This had been happening to her several times a day for the past month. She said that, all of a sudden, “Tucker (her black and white cat) jumped into my lap, laid down on my stomach, looked up at me, then closed his eyes and placed one paw over my heart—something he has never done before.” She says, “The fibrillation and chest pain stopped and he jumped off my lap.”

The next day, she had an appointment with her cardiologist for a stress test and her initial test results were good. She’ll know more about her condition when she sees her cardiologist later this month. But she reports that, since Tucker used his healing paw, she is no longer having the daily discomfort.

Is this a goose-bump story or what? Yet, those of us who know cats, should not be stunned or even goose-bumpily. Cats are incredibly intuitive. They can heal the emotional heart as well as, it seems, the physical heart.

Cats know things. I have stories in Catscapades, my book of true cat stories demonstrating the cats’ keen understanding of things way beyond our own understanding.

I’d like to read some of your stories related to cats healing or being incredibly intuitive.

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