Newsday Tuesday – 5-year-old Super Hero for Homeless Cats

Have you read about the five-year-old with a knack for taming street cats? Evidently even the most cantankerous scaredy cats love Shon Griffin, especially when he’s wearing one of his many super hero outfits. And maybe the cape and sword give Shon the confidence to help these cats.

It all started when Shon’s aunt took him along one day when she was taking care of her cat colony in Philadelphia. She had one cat who needed meds and wouldn’t take them. Shon, in his Superman (or maybe it was his Spiderman) costume at the time, tamed the cat—made him feel so comfortable and safe that Shon’s aunt was able to administer the medicine.

From then on, Shon, dressed as a Ninja Turtle, Batman or ??? would accompany her occasionally to help with the cats. And they love him. He is definitely the cats’ super hero. But what the homeless cats are probably tuning into isn’t the attire, but the heart of a little boy who loves the cats back. Check out this site. The photos are adorable.

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