Frivolous Friday – Snuggling Cats

Wednesday I wrote about cat siblings. We actually have a pair of kitten siblings living next door and boy are they bonded—soooooo cute. The human who adopted them is enormously delighted to have kept them together for their pleasure and hers.

After thinking about what I wrote Wednesday—that our unrelated cats never snuggled together—I got the thinking that was actually in error. As I said, Max was a grumpy old cat when Lily came to us as a kitten. And those two did actually snuggle when they shared a fear. Although Max probably didn’t consider it snuggling.

All of our cats are rescues with feral backgrounds. Max was a big and beautiful snow-shoe type cat, but he had the heart of a mouse. He was fearful. When we had gardeners here or repair people, cleaning people…if there was thunder or a noisy truck or motorcycle on the street, Max dove for cover—under the bedspread on my bed. That was his safe place—his comfort zone. Oh yes, and visitors to the house sent him there as well. It didn’t take long for Lily to discover this and she began joining Max in his hidey spot. If he objected, he certainly didn’t let on. While under the bedspread he remained calm and so did Lily. To this day she will dive under there when something frightens her, but now she’s all alone.

She and Max had another way of cuddling without actually cuddling. When I’d lay down on the sofa with a blanket, Max always came and wanted under the blanket with me. I’d lift it and he’d climb under and lay on top of me. Soon, here came Lily, who would lay on top of Max on top of me—yes, triple deck and Max tolerated this as well. How I miss these moments with him.

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