Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cat Art Has no Bounds

When it comes to cat art, there seems to be no limit to the mediums and styles and materials. I have stuffed cats, ceramic cats, wooden, metal, paper, glass, plastic, and fabric cats. There are cats on canvas, wicker shaped into cats, clay cats, bead cats, cloisonné cats and gems formed into cats.

The types of art used to create cats is also mind boggling. I have a friend who does dot art—the complete piece is formed using dots. This same friend once painted a cat lying in a small wooden bowl for me. I love that piece. Artists depict cats using oil paints, chalk, watercolor, pencil, flowers, and techniques I probably couldn’t define. But here’s a new one you might find interesting. I guess you’d call it “hatching.” Check out this artist’s “frazzled” cats. It’s quite unique.



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