Frivolous Friday – Cat Toys Are Big Business and Great Behavioral Tools

What do cats do—they sleep, they eat, they play. Sure, they’ll play with just about anything that looks interesting, a blade of grass, one of the grandkids’ toys, a wine cork, a Cheerio they dug out from under the microwave stand… And they’ll usually glom onto certain store-bought toys you bring home or that you make at home.

I once made a cat sleeping bag. I saw them at a cat show and thought I could make one for my cats. One of our cats at the time, Dinah, watched the process of cutting the fabric, pinning, sewing, ripping out and sewing again. She hung with me through the entire few hours. When I finished, I placed it on the floor and stood back to look at it. Immediately, Dinah dove into it and took a long nap. Bingo! Score one for Mama!

But not all of the toys we bring home or devise are a success. Each cat seems to have his/her own faves among the many types of toys (and non-toys the cats pilfer). Never fear, businessmen and women everywhere are listening to our cats and they’re coming up with sturdier, more colorful, more creative and fun toys ever for cats. Yes, cat toys are becoming big business. After all, cats need to play too.

In fact some experts say that play is an anecdote to bad behavior. A cat that is bored is more likely to cause trouble in the household. Enrichment is important for cats, which means switching things up once in a while; introducing new treats, different toys, and fresh activities.

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