Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cat Hangouts

If your cats are like mine, you never know where you might find them. Cats like to explore interesting places: the refrigerator, dishwasher, drawers, wastebasket, bags, boxes, the stove, and even, as you can see, a baseball cap. They love to hide, explore, and drive you crazy looking for them while they’re simply scrunched down in a new hidey place watching your frantic search.

I’ll never forget the time we had two beds delivered. When the deliverymen left, we could not find Lily. We searched in all of her usual hiding places, then went outside and got some of the neighbors involved in looking for her, thinking maybe she’d slipped out when the door was open. We were out of our mind with worry. It was suppertime for the cats. Lily is never late for supper. She’s the most gluttonous cat I’ve ever known. Eating is at the top of her list of important activities. Yet, that evening, she wouldn’t even come out to eat. Yes, something was terribly wrong.

Finally we decided that maybe the delivery people had scooped up our precious kitty with the wrapping they’d removed from the beds and had driven off with her in their truck. Just as we were making the call to the company, however, we see a little furry face peering out at us from a small space behind the TV. She was perfectly okay, but we were a wreck.

Where do your cats hide? Do they have any hidey places you haven’t found yet? How often are they hiding in plain sight?

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