Thoughts for Thursday – Cat Fetishes

A fetish is a sort of obsession or fixation. Most of us have one or two and so do cats. For Sophie, it’s grass. She loves nibbling on grass and yowls for it whenever we step outside in the late afternoon. If we bring a tray of wheat grass home from the grocery store, she knows it immediately. She joins us in the kitchen as we’re unpacking the grocery bags and begins meowing for her grass treat.

Lily loves her tiny stuffed toys. She carries them around in her mouth every single day. As soon as I put them away, she drags them out again. She seems obsessed with having them in strategic places throughout the house. She also loves water. She’s our water bowl monitor. She lets us know when the fountain is unplugged or a water bowl is low or needs refreshing.

Some cats are obsessed with food. Well, Lily is probably in that category too—what else does she have to do all day, but obsess about her favorite things—food, water, and toys? Some cats, however, go above and beyond the norm. Evidently there is a condition in cats who are overly obsessed with food. It’s called “psychogenic abnormal feeding behavior” which involves begging and food-related aggression. In case you need it, here’s an article with more information about breaking the cycle of begging and other food-related behaviors:

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