Special Post — NEW Klepto Cat Book

On the Wrong Side of the Paw is now available in print at Amazon.com.

In this story, Rags digs up a long-held secret. While helping to manage a colony of homeless cats, Rags uncovers what could be clues to an old mystery. Not only does Rags rescue a toddler from a precarious situation, he nearly loses his life saving a litter of kittens, he diagnosis another cat’s ailment in time to get him the proper treatment, and he paws the culprit in a decades old crime.

You might be interested in some of our recent Readers Reviews:

“There hasn’t been a book yet in this series that hasn’t kept me on the edge of my seat.”

“Rags’s adventures are heart-stopping at times and heart-warming all the time.”

“This is an extraordinary series.”

“Mystery combined with a loving and supportive family provides a wonderful reading experience.”

“These books are such a lovely place to visit with plenty of mystery in the cozy tradition.”

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