Mindful Monday – How Many Toys Does a Cat Need?

This is an interesting question. Is your cat’s toy box overflowing with bell balls, rubber balls, golf balls, wand toys, spongy toys, and crackly foil toys? At our house it’s mostly stuffed toys. Sophie likes the furry toy mice with tails. She tosses them in the air and pounces on them, just like her momma must have taught her with real mice when they lived on the streets. She’ll aggressively chase a wand toy. Lily likes a wand toy when someone wriggles it in front of her, but she won’t go too far out of her way to chase it. She will chase and leap for a wad of paper when I throw it, though.

Lily loves her miniature stuffed toys. She must have 50 of them or more in all shapes and sizes. And that’s not because she goes online and orders them, nor does she trudge to town and buy them. Oh no, it’s all me. I bring them home from my travels—a baby bald eagle, a grizzly bear, and a moose from Alaska; an otter from a local sea center where we took the grandkids; an owl from the raptor center; a lion cub from a cat preserve; and several teddy bears. She drags them out daily and decorates the house with them, often bringing them to me as gifts. Sometimes she tries to drag around one of my large stuffed animals. Cute!

Last night she woke me up yowling. She wanted to let me know she was strategically placing some of her toys outside my bedroom door. Thanks a lot, Lily.

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  1. Betsy Pompi says:

    Zoey does that to me too. It’s always at night, around bedtime or a little later. She usually doesn’t bring it in the bedroom, but leaves it out in the dining room. It’s not like she is leaving it at my door, as a present, just to let me know she has “killed” something, I guess. Last fall when we had a mouse problem in the house (she got one, but could never get the rest. I finally had to resort to mouse traps), she never let me know about the one she got in the basement (at least that I know of). Sigh! Cats can be so strange!!!

  2. Wendy Cook says:

    Loved this article. We have a box for the toys for our 3 cats. I put all the toys in the box when I vacuum. It doesn’t take long before they are out and strewn around the house. Bella loves the soft balls she can carry around the house. She also leaves them in her water bowl when she thinks they need a bath. Griz will walk around with one in her mouth at night and start yowling. She will bring them to us and we have to tell her how proud we are. Love these cats. Thank you so much for sharing.

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