Mindful Monday –Litter-Box Art

Have you found anything interesting in your cat’s litter box lately? Yes, you should be checking it when you clean it. You want to make sure your cats are using it. If you don’t find clumps in there (or wet spots), your cat could be experiencing a serious urinary tract blockage or infection. If the clumps (or wet spots) are noticeably smaller or larger than usual, that could be another cause for concern.

Likewise, you want to make sure your cat is pooping and that the poop looks within the realm of normal for him or her. Watch for wriggly pinworms, foreign objects (string, ribbon, etc.), odd coloring, consistency and so forth.

By the way, how many litter boxes do you have for your cats? A rule of thumb is one for each cat plus one. Now, if you have three, four, or more cats, unless you live in a very large house, you’re probably not going to have discreet places in your home for four or five litter boxes. You’re not going to want them in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms—no. Another solution is to scoop them more often. You want to keep them clean for your cats—as fresh as possible. It’s the right thing to do. What’s in it for you? Well, you live in the house too—so you want it to smell good and be sanitary. But there’s another reason to keep a close eye on the litter boxes. For the entertainment value.

Now I have your attention. “What’s entertaining about cleaning your cat’s litter box?” you ask. Well, you just might find some litter-box art. Is your cat creative? Have you found clumps in your cat’s litter box in the shape of a ship, an Easter bonnet, a hand print, a chipmunk, a birthday cake or…Don’t tell me you’ve never noticed.

Here are a few pieces of Lily’s and Sophie’s litter box art. You will probably recognize the heart—how sweet. The other clump, I think, looks like a cat face or maybe Mickey Mouse. What do you think?

I’ll bet that if you haven’t already, you’ll start looking for art in your cats’ litter boxes today. Have fun.

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