Newsday Tuesday – Videos For Your Cat’s Entertainment

Oh yes, there are videos for your cat. You can play them while you’re gone to keep them company and out of trouble, or you can watch your cat watch the video. Really, these specially designed videos can be quite entertaining for your cat. There are videos showing fish swimming across the screen, those showing cats, of course, and there’s a new video out that teaches cats how to be more street smart.

It’s true. This video was developed by a Japanese company and it teaches road safety for cats. I haven’t found a way to see the video yet (or to show it to my cats), but it sounds cute as the dickens, with a cat police officer directing the cat actors how to stay safe when out and about. I hear that the animation is interesting and likely to hold a cat’s interest. This tells a little about the video.

Years ago I had the most adorable computer program where you could interact with cats. The cats would meow, purr, hiss. You could pet the cats, feed them—I loved the slurpy sounds the cat made when she was sucking on a bottle. You could change your cat’s fur color, and involve her in a variety of activities. I loved playing with the kitties in that program and my cats enjoyed watching it. Often, one of them would run in to my office to find the meowing cat was. I have a picture of Max, when he was a kitten, trying to interact with the computer cats. Here’s a link with several videos your cat might like to watch. Take your pick, does your cat like to see lizards, birds, fish, snakes, squirrels? We can call this “make your cat’s day day.”

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