Thought for Thursday – A Day of Hearts, Flowers, Candy, and Cats

Here’s the first Amazon reader review for The Secret Claws. “Oh what Rags gets into I love this series by Patricia Fry and have from book one and can’t wait for the next one if you love a great cozy with characters you will love and a story that keeps you turning the page then this series is a must read”

NEW: Here’s the link to both the print and kindle version. Place your order today and make Valentine’s Day even sweeter (and more fun).

Additionally, I thought we’d have some kitty-cat love fun as well. I call it fluffy, furry, purry love.  Maybe this is a tad unorthodox, but that’s a cat’s right, right? The photo to the left is from Lily’s litter box. Yes, it’s a heart-shaped clump. It takes a cat-lover to appreciate something like this. The second photo (right)  is of my mother’s cat, Smokey—the model for Rags in my Klepto Cat Mystery series. Do you see the subtle heart shape?

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