Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats Five—Photographer Zero

Okay, I’ve spent the last few nights trying to photograph our two kitty-girls, Lily and Sophie. Oh, I snap a lot of pictures of them, as you know. I share many of them here. But we usually do photography on their terms. They pose and I snap a picture.

This week I wanted certain, specific shots and do you think they would cooperate? No! All I wanted was a shot of one of the cats behind the camera. Is that asking too much?

I got photos of them under the camera, in front of the camera, walking away from the camera, hiding behind the camera…

I tried some of the techniques I’ve read about with only minor success. I’m sure they knew what I wanted and that’s why they were doing the opposite. That’s my experience photographing cats.

Finally—finally, I got my shot—well sorta. I hope you’ve enjoyed the cat photography topic we’ve focused on this week. As you can tell by the nature of this blog and the pictures I use that cats are among my favorite subjects. They just don’t always cooperate.

Do you have any photo success tips?

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