Mindful Monday – Your Cat’s Recipe for Happy Endings and Positive Beginnings

This is a day of transition for many. We’ll all become a year older in 2019 and we’ll certainly be faced with new challenges, experiences, and lessons. We’ll meet new people, make new friends, and lose some of those we’ve known. Just like a kitten exploring the world for the first time, we’ll stumble and get back on our feet. We’ll fail and, if we allow ourselves the opportunity, we’ll succeed. But one thing’s for sure, we’ll never get a do-over for the things that went awry in 2018. If we’re fortunate, we’ll walk away from the past with only those things that will lead us to a more peaceful and happy existence—lessons learned, successes realized, precious memories, and a grateful heart.

Borrow lessons from your cat this New Years Eve. In order to change those things that aren’t working in your life, you may need to forgive and forget. Leave behind those things that hamper your sense of well-being. Shove aside the thoughts and actions that hold you back and keep you stuck. And bring forward those gifts that you can use to become a better person.

Spend more time in positive thought. Give more and you’ll receive more. Love more. You’ve probably heard that love is the absence of fear. Fear holds us back. It strangles us with uncertainty, disdain for others, blame, dread, anxiety, phobias. If you do nothing else for yourself in 2019, love more. You will be rewarded a million-fold.

Now start the love flowing. Go hug your cat. If you don’t have one, adopt. This is an excellent way to start the new year and to give a cat or kitten a beautiful life.


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