Newsday Tuesday – Cats on Display

I was all set to make this post about the cat show circuit and cats bred for show, but while I was conducting the research, something else caught my attention. I came across this title: “Ten Psychological Reasons Internet Cats Are so Popular,” and I couldn’t resist. That’s something I’ve wondered about for years. And it’s something that makes me happy—happy. I love the idea that cats are coming out all over the Internet as cute, funny, adorable, sweet, interesting creatures, and that they’re capturing the interest of millions of people. I have a dream that this will spark the desire in thousands more people to adopt one or more cats and/or to jump on the bandwagon and help rescue those that have been abandoned and forgotten.

This article does more than explain why cat videos are so popular, it gives us a fascinating peek into the human-cat relationship. I’ve read a lot of articles on the topic, but this one touches on concepts I haven’t seen explored. For example, it goes into why cats are so difficult to train—presenting some ideas I haven’t considered; why they do some of the things they do—sit in front of the TV, for example, get up on the counter over and over and over again even when we’ve done everything to deter them; and what some of their gestures actually mean. Read this post if you dare. You might begin to look at your cat in an entirely different light.

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