Frivolous Friday – The Snuggle Cat

What’s better after a huge Thanksgiving meal and a wonderful family visit than a nap? I don’t know about you, but I love to snuggle with my kitties. When I really, really need a nap, I’ll seek out a cat to curl up with. Well, they do it to me all the time.

When Max was still with us, he often took over my lap. He was so large that there wasn’t room for anyone else, unless I was lying down. Here’s a shot of Max and Lily both taking advantage of me when I stretched out on the couch one cool afternoon.

When it was chilly, I’d sometimes pull a blanket over myself. Here would come Max wanting under the blanket with me. Once he was settled, Lily appeared and she’d curl up on top of Max who was on top of me. Now that was some pig pile.

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