Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Let Your Cat Be Your Purrsonal Life Trainer

Do you marvel at how beautiful, energetic, relaxed, HAPPY, and healthy your cat is? Have you ever considered how he got that way? Sure, genes are involved, but what else do you think might contribute to your cat’s ability to rest completely, wake up refreshed, move freely, feel a sense of great satisfaction, and enjoy every moment of every day?

Just what do you think would happen if you took cues from your cat more often? Maybe if you stretched every morning before getting out of bed, you’d have less pain and stiffness. Maybe if you moved more like a cat does, you’d feel more energetic. What if you approached all of life with the energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, and wit of a cat? It would sure make your world more fun and interesting, wouldn’t it?

We’re told that ideally, we should live in the moment. It seems to me that cats take that bit of advice to heart. Try it throughout the day today. Just for today, turn off your worry button. Don’t think about what’s coming. Don’t fret about something you have to do later. Stop planning and scheduling every minute of the day. And don’t manufacture potential problems in your head. Just be in the moment. Invite your cat to join you and watch how he does it. It’s actually a very peaceful and healthy way of being. When you feel tired, curl up or stretch out and take a little nap. When you awaken, don’t grumble and complain, face the next moments head on with gusto and joy.

Cats know what they want and how to get it, whether it’s a lap to curl up in, your favorite chair, a treat, petting, or just some company. It’s not as difficult as you might think to get what you want like your cat does. Watch and learn.

What are his tactics? He makes himself available—not scarce. He’s where he needs to be in order to get what he wants. He engages you. He might let out a few chirps—or a loud meow, depending on his purrsonality. But that’s just one of his ways of asking for what he wants–his way of sweet-talking you–or expressing his opinion. You’ve already learned in life that you catch more flies with honey.

Your cat has a great sense of humor. We know how good laughter is for our health. While cats don’t laugh on the outside, who’s to say they don’t chuckle and even giggle on the inside? Cats take joy to a whole new level—I mean, when is the last time you marveled at a piece of string dangling from your scarf, a stream of sunlight coming through a window, or a wad of paper hurled through the air?

There, now you have it. If you want what your cat seems to have naturally—a svelte figure, a natural beauty, agility, the ability to relax and be at peace, tons of energy, the gift of laughter, and a knack for getting what you want, you just might want to be more cat-like. After all, if you’re like many of us you’ve said at least once or twice, “In my next life, I want to be a cat.”

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