Thoughts for Thursday – All Things Cat!

Here are a couple of sites you might like, where you can find just about anything related to cats: information, resources, cat items, cat behavior, health tips. Hey, it sounds like this blog, Catscapades. But can you ever get too much cat? And can one person come up with everything you want or need to know about cats? If you walked in my shoes or sat in my chair, you’d realize how MUCH there is out there for cat people. It’s infinite, endless—there’s a constant flow of information and lists of agencies, organizations, shelters, cat specialists… There’s no end to it. So I’m pleased to share some of my sources with you. Here’s the link to All Things Cat:

CatTime is a fascinating site for those of us who adore cats. They collect cat stories from all over the place and relate to all manner of cat behavior and experiences.

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