Newsday Tuesday – Cats and Dogs, Unlikely Friends?

We all know people with both dogs and cats who actually get along. One of our neighbors has dogs, cats, and birds—oh yes, and fish in a pond in their backyard. Some cats actually establish strong friendships with other species of animal. I received one of those sweet books featuring stories of unlikely friends for Mothers day. This one shows a rabbit raising kittens, a cow feeding lambs, a dog with fox babies, a lioness with her antelope calf, a goat with a wolf puppy and more. So charming.

But sometimes you want to adopt a dog or a cat, and you don’t because you’re afraid it won’t get along with the dog, cat, chinchilla, ferret, or bird you have at home. I must admit that I hesitate rescuing another kitten for fear of breaking Lily’s heart. Silly, isn’t it? I don’t want her to feel displaced.

Jackson Galaxy just added a new post with advice for people who want to introduce a cat and a dog into the same home. You might find it useful. He says the first thing to remember is that a cat is a cat and a dog is a dog and you can’t expect the same things from them. He recommends keeping them separate at first. And always providing personal space for the cat. Here’s another link that I believe would be helpful:

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