Newsday Tuesday – Can My Kitten Be a Therapy Pet?

What exactly is a therapy pet? Is it the same as a support pet or a service pet? This site gives information about the difference between a service dog and a therapy dog. Basically a service dog is trained to perform specific tasks for someone with a disability. While the person with the disability relies on this dog, he is not considered a pet. A therapy pet is generally a calm animal with a good temperament that is used to calm people in disaster situations, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Therapy animals might help in children’s reading programs, and interact with children with disabilities. Therapy pets might include dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, even snakes and horses. Here’s a site listing six different types of animals commonly used for therapy.

One thing to remember—something that’s coming to the forefront in situations all over the world these days is that a therapy animal does not have the same rights as a trained and registered service animal. Read more about the crackdown on purported support animals in public places tomorrow.


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