Thoughts for Thursday – Fascinating Cat Facts

We’re learning more about cats and that’s because we’re paying more attention and we’re sharing what we’re learning through the internet. Because cats are so interesting, fun, cute, charming, silly—they’ve taken over uTube and many other sites. And behaviorists and scientists are speaking up more about cats. Here are a few cat facts you might find interesting.

A cat’s average life expectancy now is 10-15 years for an indoor male and 14-16 years for an indoor female. The oldest living cat died at age 38. And various breeds might have a different life expectancy. Basically, the American shorthair and the Siamese life expectancy is 15-20 years and the cats with the longest life expectancy are the European Shorthair and the Balinese, who can live to be 18-22 years old. Check out this chart for some idea of your cat’s life expectancy.

Here’s another fascinating fact. Cats have been around nearly 10,000 years and all domestic cat breeds descended from one single species: the African Wildcat.

There are domestic cats on every continent except Antarctica.

Purring takes a cat to her happy place. While a cat purrs when she is content, she also uses her purr mechanism for self healing and to calm herself when she’s stressed.

A cat licks for a variety of reasons. The cat’s saliva contains a natural antibiotic, so it is beneficial for her to lick a wound. Cats also lick their fur to keep cool.

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