Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday — Entertaining Cats

Do you need a little lift today? Would a chuckle help your mood? Are you one who ooos and ahhhs and cracks up when watching cats at their silliest, clumsiest, cutest? Here’s a site featuring some of the funniest cat videos on the planet. Here’s you’ll see cats and babies, cats with puppies and full-grown dogs, cat protesting, sleeping in bowls and more. Enjoy! http://funnycatvideos.net/

As if that site didn’t keep you entertained for a while, here are many more videos. And this site welcomes your cat videos. https://giphy.com/search/funny-cat

Oh my gosh, these are hilarious. Visit this site and see kittens riding around on a record—remember those black disks you put on a Victrola when you wanted to listen to music? There’s a cat riding on the back of a ram (yeah, the kind that goes “Bahhh”) and kittens riding on a Swiffer mop. You’ll see musical cats, dancing cats, boxing cats, and cats wrestling. You’ll love the cats enjoying water (and those poor kitties that don’t). See scaredy cats, affectionate cats, and plenty of cats causing havoc.

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