Mindful Monday – Furry Roadblocks to Publishing Success

Because Book 27 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, fans are waiting even more fervently for Book 28 and I’m doing my best to get it out quickly. However, there is a process to producing a book and it can take time. First you have to write it, then there are hours and hours of editing. Once I’m satisfied with the plot and the way it is presented, I ask someone else to read it. Sometimes it’s one person—sometimes a couple. Then I do more work on the story. Once I’m completely satisfied with the story, I turn it over to an editor/proofreader. She always sees things I miss related to grammar, plot, and those bothersome commas. I’ve never been strong on the proper use of commas and it doesn’t help that comma rules are changing.

When I get my much improved manuscript back from the editor, I edit it another time or three or five. Well, I want it to be the best it can be for you—the reader.

Next comes the formatting. Before publishing, the book must be formatted correctly for print and also for Kindle—two different processes. First comes the formatting for the print book. Once I see it in print form (after working on it for weeks on the computer screen), not only do I check for correct spacing, indentation, etc., I scrutinize it carefully again—word-by-word. Sometimes many more changes are made.

During this time, I’m also working with cover designer, Bernadette Kazmarski. If we’re lucky, the cover and the formatting are ready at the same time (although I do my best to have a cover weeks before the formatting is completed).

Once I okay the cover and all of the changes I’ve asked for are made correctly, I write the back- cover copy and we go into production. And that’s when the person who formats the book for Kindle takes over. There’s nothing she can do until I’ve finalized the editing and okay the book to be published in print form. Only then, do I send the manuscript to the formatter for the ebook version. That’s why it can take two weeks or more from the time the print book is published for the Kindle book to be available. Sometimes I hold up the print book until the Kindle formatting is completed. I may do that this time, actually.

So while it seems as though you’re waiting forever to get the next installment of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, you should know that I am always on task. I get up around four in the morning and begin my writing day. I put in 8-10 hours almost every day. And I average six books per year. Do any of your other favorite authors bring out a book every two months?

As you can see, I’m working—but I do have gentle interruptions from time-to time. This is Lily suggesting I need a break.

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