Newsday Tuesday – The Truth About White Cats

Have you ever had a pure white cat? They are exquisite, aren’t they? We once adopted a white kitten. He had a black mark on top of his head, which disappeared as he matured. He turned out to be an odd-eye cat with one beautiful blue eye and one green eye. Boy was he striking! And he was a wonderful pet until cancer took him.

His name was Winfield. Like our Lily, he had a fascination for water and he drank water with his paw. He’d dip his paw, lick the water off, and dip it again. I wonder now if he did that to protect his whiskers. Some cats have whisker stress and it bothers them to drink or eat from bowls where their whiskers touch the sides.

Winfield was also the food monitor. When it was bedtime, he’d walk out to the cat food station and take a look. If the kibbles bowl was full, he’d continue on to bed. If not, he’d sit in front of the bowl and wait for one of us to notice and fill it to his specifications.

Years earlier, I adopted a long-hair white cat with green eyes and named her Snowflake. These were the years when our children were small and our cats were inside-outside. When my husband brought home a German shepherd dog, Snowflake moved across the street. She was determined to live with the people over there and they were happy to take her in.

If you have ever cared for a white cat or you have an interest in white cats, here’s a site you’ll enjoy. In her blog, Melissa, at Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows, reveals ten fascinating facts about white cats. For example, while many cats are born white, only five percent of cats are pure white throughout their life. White cats can have eyes of any color, but blue eyes are more predominant in white cats than any other color of cat. And yes it is true that white cats with blue eyes have a greater chance of being hearing impaired—even deaf. And white cats and other cats with white ears are prone to sunburn and cancer of the ears. Here’s the post.

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