Thoughts for Thursday –Typically, Traditional Kitty-Cat Behavior

What’s up with butt-sniffing and sister-squabbling among cats? Darn it, cats are just too adorable and sweet to engage in some of the animal-like practices they do. Butt-sniffing, for example. I don’t see Sophie do it, but Lily, my little sweet flower of a cat, likes to put her cute little nose where no cute little nose should go. Why?

And sometimes Lily or Sophie will start a brawl right there in our living room. You can feel the tension in the air and see the signs of trouble even before it starts. The tortie and the tabby will enter the room together and sit next to each other. Sophie will seem to tell Lily, “Sit someplace else, you’re in my space.” Lily seems to respond, “Stick it up your nose, I’m not moving, I was here first.”

Sophie: “Move or else.”

Lily: “Or else what, string bean?”
Sophie: “Or else I’m going to wipe that smirk right off your face, fatso.”

Lily: “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy, you creep.”

And the fight is on. Lily slaps the air in front of Sophie’s face a couple of times and Sophie

Lily and Sophie

retaliates by slapping the air in front of Lily’s face. Both girls pin their ears back just in case an air paw makes contact. And it happens. When she least expects it, Sophie feels claws pounding on the top of her head. This really gets her dander up and Sophie dives into the middle of Lily, knocking her to the floor. The girls wrestle for a few seconds, then Lily wriggles loose and walks away saying, “That wasn’t fair.” Before Sophie can recover, Lily dives into her full force, knocking her off her feet and the two of them roll around on the floor.

Within seconds, the rumble is over and both cats go to their respective corners to smooth their ruffled fur and regain their dignity. If it weren’t for the easy access to the cell phone camera no one would ever guess that regal Sophie and sweet Lily would engage in such crass, primal behavior.


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