Newsday Tuesday – The Delicious Mystery in a Cat’s Eyes

A friend sent me this link featuring the cat’s amazingly interesting and mysterious eyes. I mean, there’s nothing quite like the staring of a cat. Some cats will look at you as if they have a pathway into your soul. What does the rigid stare mean? In our house, most often, it means, “Get off your butt or stop what you’re doing NOW and feed me!” Sometimes it seems to mean, “How dare you sit there with the dog on your lap (or that other cat or your knitting project), when I could be comfortable lying there.” But I like to think that often it means, “I love you. You are my hero. You saved me from certain anguish and I’m so thankful to be here with you. I just love you so much.” Yeah, that’s what we might be saying to the cat, but is that really what she is saying to us?

What about when a cat avoids eye-contact? Is he feeling guilty about something? Maybe he’s been secretly chewing on your favorite plant or he brought in a lizard and knows it’s hiding under your bed or he missed the litter box accidentally.

We all know that a cat can see in the near darkness. And they don’t seem to understand that we can’t. So when you get up in the middle of the night and try to navigate the house without turning on a light, if you’re like most seasoned cat people you’ve learned to shuffle your way slowly to the bathroom, lest you step on or trip over an trusting cat.

So what do the cat’s expressive eyes tell us? If you’ve lived with your cat for any length of time, you probably recognize how the pupil can change from a mere slit to a large round ball of black inside her eye depending on her level of fear or joy. Here’s a link that discusses the cat’s eyes and helps you to understand what your cat is telling you.


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