Frivolous Friday – Air Fresheners: Another Hidden Danger for Cats

Yesterday, we talked about the danger of essential oils when used around a cat. I began to wonder about those plug-in room fresheners and even spray air fresheners. So I did some research. This is what I found: Unfortunately, many air fresheners are not safe to use around pets. So take care when using them. Here’s a site that explains the dangers and symptoms of exposure to some of the ingredients or elements of a spray and plug-in air freshener.

Think about it, if you use hairspray, you probably make sure your pets are no where around when you spray your hair, right? And when you want to spray-clean your furniture, you put the cats in another room. But, what happens when they return to the room and walk though where the spray has collected on the floor or the furniture?

Many homeowners (especially when there are pets in the house), use plug-in air fresheners. However, studies show that these products emit oils and other chemicals into the air that can cause physical symptoms and even serious damage to the delicate system of a cat. And don’t be fooled by the fact that the product you’re using is marked “natural” or “plant-based.” Remember that many plants and flowers are poisonous to cats.

If you’re not sure which products are safe to use around pets, visit the ASPCA poison control sit here: You’ll find tons of information. If your question isn’t answered here, they give a number you can call.

What deodorizing products are safe to use around cats? Those that use enzymes to break down the odors. Baking soda is a good one. According to experts, cats don’t much care of products that smell good. Here’s a site that might help when it comes to keeping the litter box fresh.

When we were struggling in our neighborhood with the smell of smoke and ash from the horrendous fire that circled our community, some of us were boiling cinnamon sticks with vanilla and citrus to try freshening our homes. Here’s a site that gives more information about how to use this method safely around pets.



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