Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – When Your Cat’s Happy, Everyone’s Happy

I received a lovely brochure from the Humane Society this week. It’s excerpted from Arden Moore’s book, Happy Cat, Happy You and it includes some of the best tips I’ve read for cat owners. Either donate to the Humane Society to receive it or order the complete book here: https://thecatsite.com/showcase/happy-cat-happy-you-quick-tips-for-building-a-bond-with-your-feline-friend.15415/

The brochure includes tips and information—some of which you’ve seen before, but maybe not in this context and some of the tips I have not read before. For example, did you know that organic catnip is more potent than nonorganic? I like the idea that petting is as good for the person as it is for the cat. Actually, that’s more of a validation, isn’t it, than a new concept. According to Moore, scientists report that people who pet their cats experience an increase in a brain wave pattern that shows a reduction in feelings of anxiety. Just a few minutes of petting can release healthy amounts of positive biochemicals—feel-good hormones. It’s good to know that petting benefits both you and your cat.

Another good reason to have hands-on sessions with your cat is for health reasons. This is when you’re liable to find any suspicious lumps or sore spots. Oh, here’s a good idea. We spread blankets over chairs and sofas to make “tents” for our cats on cool days. They love to snuggle in their tents, just like your kids used to do. For an extra treat, warm the blanket in the dryer for a few minutes. Hey, I want a piece of that warm blanket…

Do you offer treats to your cat? Moore suggests adding a splash of tuna juice or salt-free chicken broth to her bowl of dry food. And she recommends a tablespoon of plain low-fat yogurt once a day to provide a dose of calcium and good bacteria.

We talk a lot about ways to spoil our cats. And it’s a two-way road. The more you give to your relationship with your cat, the more you get back in return.

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