Frivolous Friday – National Dress Your Pet Day

BEST Cat Blogs of 2017 First, let me say that Catscapades has been recognized by, yet, another website as one of the best 25 cat blogs in 2017. Visit here to see the list and links. As you may remember, we’re also among the top 100 best cat blogs at Feedspot and the top 30 Independent cat blogs. High-five! Let’s all dress up and celebrate.

Well, that would be appropriate since Sunday is National Dress Your Pet Day. Why would they have such a holiday or a recognition, you ask? I asked the same question. Well, it’s probably sponsored by companies that design, manufacture, and sell clothes for pets. And there are a lot of people who delight in dressing their pets.

You’d think more people would dress their dogs than their cats—and probably you’re right. But there is a faction of cat owners who dress their cats and get away with it—I mean without kitty scratches and bites. I met some of them at a Cat Writer’s Association conference. And I plan to see more of them in June when I attend the one to be held in Houston. Can’t wait to gather more pictures to share with you. In the meantime, Here are a couple of sites where you can shop for clothes for your cat. I especially like the lion costume. And I think Lily would look charming in a tutu. But that’s not going to happen in this household. Not as long as the kitty girls are in charge.

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