Frivolous Friday – Cat Art on Steroids

I’ve been excited about sharing this all week. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of cat art and I’m guessing that most of us have art and crafts depicting cats displayed in our home. Who among Catscapades followers did not hang one or many ornaments, display decorations, or send Christmas cards with a cat on it? I even have a nativity scene featuring cats!

But today, if you follow the links, you’ll see cat art you’ve probably never seen before and it will delight you. For example, you’ve all seen the amazing designs some people can create on top of your latte. Here’s a site displaying latte art shaped like cats. I mean, some of the cats even have form. I don’t know about you, but I think if I was served one of these, I’d find it hard to swallow. (They’re just too cute!!!)

Here’s a site featuring famous paintings that you’ve probably seen before. But this artist gives them a new twist—she adds a cat. Yes, Svetlana Petrova has reproduced several famous paintings to include her ginger cat, Zarathustra. No, she didn’t put the cat in an inconspicuous corner of the painting. Zarathustra is front and center in Mona Lisa’s arms, as a star in The Ballet Class (by Edgar Degas) and even impersonating Napoleon on horseback. Check it out, these are classic:

For those of you who appreciate great art, you might find it interesting to know that some of the world’s famous artists, who are known for painting scenic pieces, portraits, etc., also painted their cats. Here’s a sampling of them:

I’ve illustrated this post with pencil drawings by my good friend and artist, Susan Colla, who focuses on wildlife, including, as you can see, cats. Here’s a link to her website where you can see more of her beautiful black and white pencil art.




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