Frivolous Friday – Count Down to Christmas With Your Cat

The big day is almost here and if your cat is still healthy and unharmed despite holiday hazards in your home—good for you. But there could still be dangers lurking. During the last few days you’ve had the opportunity to learn how to keep your cat safe amidst a lot of changes and temptations in your home this time of year.

We talked about candles, falling Christmas trees, and toxic food, for example. Did you get the memo from yesterday’s great guest post that stagnant water in a live Christmas tree tray could make a pet sick? And please do not use preserving chemicals in the water.

This time of year we typically welcome more guests, and there’s the danger of a pet being let out or running outside because she’s frightened.

Just when you thought you had everything under control and your pet safe from all hazards, someone like me brings up packing peanuts and food. Dogs, especially, have been known to eat those packing peanuts and choke on them or get them lodged in their intestines. Did you know that sugar-free candy has a substance that is poisonous to pet? And please do not give your cat grapes, garlic, onions, or chocolate nor should you leave any of these temptations out where they can find them.

Some still believe that poinsettias are poisonous as is mistletoe and countless other plants someone might bring in as a gift.

If in doubt, do your own search on the Internet to learn how to keep your pet safe this holiday season. Your fur kids are counting on you.

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