Frivolous Friday–Not So Frivolous Topic

I hope my daily (Mon-Fri) blog posts have been missed. I’m among the thousands who are being affected by the wildfires in Southern CA. Lots going on. Me and mine are safe and so are our homes for now. But we are still in a danger zone–dangerous in many ways. Nothing is as it should be–stores and shops have closed (all Starbucks in east Ventura were closed Thursday), gas stations have run out of gas, I imagine bottled water is scarce because people in many areas are told not to use the water for drinking or cooking without boiling it first. The smoke is awful. Many countless people are wearing masks. All delivery people are wearing them. We have had NO mail delivery all week. Many residents are still concerned about their homes. Way too many have lost everything. Everyone here knows someone in that category. Everyone is inconvenienced in some way and most people in Ventura County have evacuated at least once. Everything is filthy with ash–ash everywhere. The not knowing is wearing–tiring. With the unpredictable winds, there are only guesses as to where the fire or embers will travel next.

Sadly, our story here in Ojai is being repeated all over the southland.

I evacuated with two very unhappy cats Tuesday night. Just got home this morning.

More when things settle down.

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