Mindful Monday – Celebrate Your Cat

We missed a couple of special cat days last week. Friday was Black Cat Day and Sunday (yesterday) was National Cat Day. What does this mean? How are these days supposed to be celebrated or observed?

Black Cat Day was created to increase awareness of the plain, ordinary, non-flashy, mundane, common black cat. Now I imagine those of you with black cats are ready to protest my vocabulary used when describing the black cat. And I agree. No cat is ordinary, mundane or common. Each, despite the color, is unique and most have fascinating characteristics. We love our kitties no matter what color. But this is not true of everyone and every culture.

Actually, while the black cat is thought to bring bad luck in America, other countries consider them to be lucky symbols. Here are a couple of links with more information about black cats and their special day of honor. https://www.cats.org.uk/black-cats https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/black-cat-day/. The second link lists some of the other special days of the year that are celebrated sort of behind the scenes.

Yesterday was National Cat Day. Isn’t everyday a celebration of cats? If you have been too busy to honor or play with or even acknowledge your cat lately (which is almost impossible to do when there’s a cat in the house), here’s a site that will give you some ideas for enjoying her even more. Have fun! https://www.nationalcatday.com/celebrate

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