Frivolous Friday – Funniest Cat Videos

I thought I’d offer up some chuckles and laughs today. And they all involve cats. If you’ve had a long, rough week or even a great one, watching some of these videos will be just the therapy you need or the cake icing you deserve.

This post is older, but it seems to be true still today. It’s about Internet fads and how they can leap almost overnight into extraordinary fame and then fall quickly into obscurity. Except for cat videos. They seem to be evergreen. They keep entertaining and thrilling and prompting laughter and smiles. The writer says that funny cat videos seem to have some sort of mystical magnet pull that causes us to want more. Check all of these links and and see what you think.

I spent a good thirty minutes at this site. OMGosh, there are some of the funniest, cutest cats ever and lots of them. Enjoy!



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