Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Unique Gifts for Unique Cats

Here’s a site featuring gifts for cats. http://www.starkravingcat.com If your cat likes catnip, you can purchase catnip toys of all kinds—in shapes of hearts, rocket ships, and even cigar-shaped catnip called “joints.” My fave is the cowboy boot catnip toy. Or buy Fluffy a new collar with the lucky Asian kitty dangling from it. As a bonus, this site also offers matching earrings for the female in the home. Does your cat dress up for Halloween? Yup, this site even includes a few costumes for kitty.

I love this story about Simon—a cat who engages in some extreme outdoor sports with his favorite person, JJ. This black cat seems to have all of the necessary accessories for the various activities he engages in, whether it’s strolling along a trail, climbing, riding atop JJ’s pack, kayaking, or scampering in the snow. But he doesn’t have his own sleeping bag. He shares one with JJ. Check out these great shots of Simon doing what he and JJ love best.  http://people.com/pets/handsome-cat-and-climber-duo-camp-across-the-world-in-one-sleeping-bag/v

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