Frivolous Friday – Capturing the Essence of a Cat

I’ve featured Susan Colla’s animal art here before. I think her pencil drawings of animals—in particular cats—are phenomenal. So much so that I bought one of her originals. Susan seems to know and understand the big cats from the inside out—otherwise, how could she capture them so perfectly?

Susan does with her pencil what some of us can’t even manage with a camera. But a camera doesn’t always capture the essence of a cat. You might see it there as you snap the picture. However, when you look at the result of your photography, that element is missing. When you look into your precious kitty’s eyes, you may feel as though you’re seeing her personality or maybe even into her soul. But most pictures you take of her don’t quite capture that.

If you’re like me, you pick up your phone or camera often throughout the day and snap a picture of your cat doing something cute or comical. And most often you miss the shot you really wanted because the cat walks off or the picture just doesn’t appear as you envisioned it.

A couple of nights ago I picked up my phone camera and shot these photos of our cats. This is Sophie showing her glamorous side. I think this is one of the best shots I’ve taken of Sophie (the tortie). Then I noticed Lily making a shadow. I don’t think I’ve ever snapped a picture of Lily and her shadow before—couldn’t resist and I liked the way it turned out. I hope you enjoy my efforts as well.

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