Some Cats Like it Hot



We had a HOT day yesterday and the house stayed quite warm all night. Lily does not like the heat. She gets totally lazy and lethargic on these summer-like days, reserving her energy for play only during early morning hours when it is cooler.

Max and Sophie don’t seem to be affected much by the heat, but it flat makes Lily wilt. It’s probably more noticeable with Lily because she is still young and active. Max (12) is lethargic on a cool day and Sophie (5) doesn’t romp and play as easily, anymore, as Lily does.

What I miss most on hot days is having Lily curl up on my lap. Instead, she stretches out in the coolest spot she can find on the floor somewhere.

Lily is the cover girl for my latest book, Catscapades, True Cat Tales. The book is getting some excellent reviews. We had a book signing and sold quite a few copies. Amazon is placing orders fairly frequently.

I met a reader recently who said she cried so many tears while reading the book—tears of sorrow as well as tears generated from laughter. She said, “I am reading it slowly because I just want the stories to last. I don’t want the book to end.”

Order your copy of Catscapades, True Cat Tales at my website: It’s a beautiful book, illustrated by scads of real kitty photos and the stories are touching, harrowing and humorous.

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