Mindful Monday – Behind the Scenes at the Klepto Cat Mystery Factory

As you know, I write the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Some people think of writing as a bit romantic—something you do from a comfy spot with a cat curled up nearby when the mood strikes. I guess that’s true for some who don’t aspire to publish their work. But for those of us who must somehow justify all the time we want to spend writing and who have something to share with others, publishing is the only option. And few people understand that process.

Once I finish the fun part of authorship, which is writing the book—after I edit it numerous times and go through the paces of publishing—I must promote that book. Of course, in my world, promotion never stops. I’m still promoting book one of the Klepto Cat Mystery series—Catnapped—and all of the other 22 Klepto Cat Mysteries. The process—the task—is ongoing for as long as I want these books to sell.

One way I promote my books is through reviews, guest posts, and interviews at some of the many blog sites where they feature authors and books. Here’s the latest bit of promotion I garnered—it’s an interview at Night Owl Reviews. Check it out here: https://www.nightowlreviews.com/v5/Interviews/Night-Owl-Reviews-interviews-Patricia-Fry-on-Jun-24-2017

It’s one thing to write a book. Millions of people have done it and millions more are doing it. Some never finish that book—they just keep writing and revising and procrastinating and talking about it. Many of those who do finish their book, don’t publish it. They consider publishing, do a little research, talk to other authors, attend writers group meetings, conferences, and book festivals, but never get up the gumption to publish. It all becomes so very confusing to them.

So what happens for those who do publish their books? Thousands of new authors (maybe more) become overwhelmed, disillusioned, and frozen by fear. And their book dies on the vine. Fear of what? Overwhelmed by what? In a word, promotion.

I’ve spent many hours over the years speaking to audiences, consulting with authors, and writing books and articles for authors on the topic of book promotion. I try to teach authors that, while writing is a craft, publishing is a business and, in order for the author to succeed, must be approached as such.

Competition is fierce for authors in every genre and promotion is not an option, it’s imperative. That is, unless the author doesn’t care about sales.

Please let me know if you’re aware of any promotion options I might not know about. Authors need all the help they can get in this highly competitive field.

Tomorrow: Remarkable Revelations About Your Cat.

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  1. I absolutely love this series. It would be wonderful if you ever need an Advanced Reader to be chosen. I can’t wait for the newest book to come out.

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