Frivolous Friday – Cats Who Choose Their People

Have you ever been chosen by a cat? I mean, he might belong to someone else, but continually show up at your house wanting your company. Several years ago, we were frequently visited by a tangerine beauty and we didn’t know where he came from. Finally, we began feeding him. One day, however, he appeared at the back door with a post-it note on his forehead that said, “I belong to Tyler. Don’t feed me.” True story!

We currently have two cats. Lily has pretty much put her claim on me and Sophie adores Dennis. And that’s just the way we like it.

In Idaho, my nephew’s family began noticing a black-and-white kitten coming into their yard quite often. He’d play with their five-year-old daughter throughout the day, then disappear at night. They didn’t invite him in because a member of the family is allergic to cats. But every day, as Maria played in the yard, this kitten would join her and spend most of the day there. Soon they learned that he lived across the street in their rural neighborhood and his name was Gomer. Try as they may, the neighbors could not keep Gomer home. When my nephew moved—a few years later, the neighbors gave Gomer to them because they could see how attached he was to Maria and vice versa. He lived out the rest of his life with his best little girl-friend, who grew up with him nearby.

Yesterday I talked to a woman via email about my Klepto Cat Mysteries. And, as often happens, she told me about her cat. Mr. Jambo, this beautiful Maine coon cat, had a home, but he preferred Alycia and he made that known in every way possible until his owner released him in her custody and made them both very happy. Alycia plans to write his story at some point as there seems to be many layers to this cat and their relationship. Can’t wait.

In the meantime, as you can see, he’s a fan of Rags and his friends in the Klepto Cat Mysteries. Don’t forget, you can order this book, Book One, Catnapped, in print, for your Kindle and as an Audio Book at And be sure to check out my new Klepto Cat website.

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  1. As you can see, Mr Jambo and I are both fans of this book! It was the 1st one we read when I was finished with the editing of my manuscript. We truly do believe there are cats who choose their people. I’m looking forward to telling his story soon! Thanks for including us!

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