Frivolous Friday – Why Cats Are Awesome

You probably already have your own list of things that make your cat special. But, just in case you’ve forgotten or haven’t thought of the reasons lately, here’s a list your cat wants you to read.

You’ll find that it includes the fact that cats purr. I mean, what better sound is there in the entire world? Cats are quiet—they don’t make a lot of noise around the house. (Unless they purr really loud, as some of them do.) Cats don’t jump all over people when they visit. (Although I’ve had cats shed all over my guests. They seem to bee-line it to those wearing black.) Cats don’t delight in rolling in stinky stuff. Cats are funny. Just last night, Lily had us laughing when she was checking out something new she saw in the living room—it got caught in her claw and began chasing her around the room. Yeah, frightening for her and I felt sorry that she was frightened, but we couldn’t help but laugh.

Cats are also helpful in issues of your health. Experts say your blood pressure can be

Lily Has Spring Fever

lowered simply by petting a docile cat. (Not so much when you’re attempting to trim her claws or give her a bath, however.)

Read the Purrfect Post telling why cats are awesome here:

And I’d like to note here that today is Hairball Awareness day. I think all of us cat people are aware of hairballs—they appear on our quilt overnight, in the middle of the carpeted living room, and on the sweater we forgot to hang up. How many of you have stepped on a squishy urped hairball in the morning while climbing out of bed?

Well, professionals want you to know, you can keep the advent of hairballs under control by regularly grooming your cat. Keep in mind that an occasional hairball is normal. Frequent hairballs could indicate a problem.



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