Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Why are cats better than dogs?

Here we go again–debating the age-old question as to whether a dog or a cat makes a better pet.  According to statistics, more households in the US have dogs, but there are more pet cats than pet dogs in our homes. Cat people are more inclined to adopt more cats.

Cats need less space and it’s easier to bring another cat into a household than it is another dog. As a matter of fact, dogs need more space and cost more to keep.

Cats require less care and attention—or so it seems.


Besides, cats can be trained to stay indoors, where a dog has to be let out and/or walked. Cats are cleaner, quieter, and they actually work for their keep by keeping the mouse population at bay and eliminating any moth, mosquito, or fly that enters their space. And you single men, you might be interested to know that women who own cats make better girlfriends. Here’s more on that topic with some adorable photographs. https://www.thedodo.com/dog-people-vs-cat-people-cat-people-win-1208141230.html

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