Frivolous Friday – A Shout Out For the Big Cats

They say the sweet little pussy cat evolved from the big cats. And sometimes it’s sure easy to believe. You can see likenesses in temperament, the way they move, their innate habits, and their personalities. You might think of your kitty as docile and sweet, but have you ever watched her tear a moth of other flying critter apart limb by limb? A cat in hunting mode is ever so reminiscent of a lion or tiger. But as a household cat has a ferocious side, a big cat certainly has a gentle side—when raising cubs, interacting with favorite members of their pride, or just being at one with himself when there is no pending danger and he thinks no one is watching.

That innocence along with the magnificence of the big cat is what endears people to them. And some go beyond a distant love affair with these exotic animals—they must own one.

I actually went through that stage. Oh, I never tried to tame a big cat—didn’t have the opportunity or I might have, I guess. But I did try to raise a couple of wild animals. I’m glad I came to my senses and realized how wrong it is to try domesticating a wild one. I have to wonder, though, if those of us who have cats are living just a little bit on the edge between wild and domestic when we can look at our small felines and still see a little of the jungle in them.



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